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Fellows Podiatry is delighted to be able to offer a full range of Podiatry treatments and services at Pilates by Physio, on Pensby Road, Heswall.  The setting is a calming environment and you’ll be welcomed and feel settled as soon as you walk through the doors.

During your appointment you will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire which is required to make a thorough assessment of your foot health and treatment.  It is a legal requirement for patient records to be stored confidentially and your consent is rquired before any advice and treatment.  Some medication can affect the way in which we treat your feet, and it can also give your podiatrist a general overview of your general health.

After a chat about your concerns as a patient, a treatment and plan will be put together to manage your foot problem.  This might be simple nail cutting, an in-grown nails, maintenance of hard skin, corns and calluses removal or fungal infections.  Joanna is skilled to address complex conditions and can advise when needed for the likes of hammer toes, claw toes, bunions and other boney foot changes.  Padding or offloading devices can be made and supplied, footwear advice or strapping may help with some conditions.  If your condition requires further assessment, a biomechanical/gait analysis may be advised to further explore your Musculo-skeletal alignment and movement using the latest technology in dynamic Foot Scan assessment.

At the clinic, you may wish to soak your feet prior to treatment to help soften any hard skin, thickened nails or corns.  All equipment is cleaned, instruments are sterilised and packed for cleanliness and cross infection standards are maintained to the highest standard.

At the end of your treatment your podiatrist will apply a luxurious, moisturising cream to help your skin feel soft and supple.  Often a follow up appointment is recommended to maintain your foot health and ensure your feet are kept comfortable and pain free.

Please get in touch if you would like a foot care treatment.  You don’t necessarily need to have a pain or a problem, just enjoy a relaxing medical, pedicure treatment.

Joanna at Fellows Podiatry is a fully insured, experienced Podiatrist, registered with the Royal College of Podiatry and a member of the Health Care and Professionals council.  You can check the register here.  Appointments available in  Pilates by Physio consulttion room and studio in Heswall.  All your footcare needs will be addressed and keep you walking and running comfortably.